Favorite Girl – Actress Rachael Taylor

Rachel Taylor

There is one thing I absolutely love about Hollywood – those supremely talented actresses who seem to actually have a knack for wanting to evolve in their craft. Some examples – Cate Blanchett (The Gift), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Science of Sleep), Rachel Weisz (The Fountain), etc.

So go ahead and add Rachael Taylor to that list. First noticed by American audiences in the 2007 blockbuster Transformers, this 25 year old Aussie-born actress has moved from mainstream back to the independent world in order to fulfill her need to evolve as an actor.

 ‘Transformers’ was important and defining for me because it taught me about what kinds of movies I want to make and the kind of actor I want to be, and I have a long way to go before I become that actor.”  (special thanks to Rachael Taylor)

Since doing Transformers, she’s been busy, filming the Japanese remake Shutter (2008), BottleShock (available on DVD 2 February 2009), and getting ready for her leading role in Washingtonienne, a show about the ins and outs of Washington life, produced by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Maybe it’s because I love film, or maybe it’s because talent is becoming harder to find, but Rachael Taylor is one girl everyone should look out for.

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