Adbusted Divas – Berlin


If you’ve never been to the Wooster Collective, get off this site and Get Accquainted:


This site is a personal favorite of Urban Landfill. A street art junkie myself, I go to this site DAILY for updates on the best street art or any type of art in the entire world. 

These photos caught my eye for a very specific reason. Snapped on a street by Just In Berlin, they show exactly what goes into the ads that people see everyday. 

Photoshopped to a perfection that is judged by ad agencies and PR departments, girls who may be talented or oversexed (like Spears, Lewis, and Aguilera) are made to be like goddesses.

But thanks to sites like The Wooster Collective and others, we have a place to see the world as it truly exists.


Special thanks to The Wooster Collective.

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