From New Orleans to Notorious – Anthony Mackie


Take a good look, ladies and gents, because you’re going to remember this face.

Anthony Mackie, a 30 year old native from New Orleans, LA, is one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors of the moment, this man has played alongside some of the heavy hitters in the industry, including Hillary Swank, Matthew McConaughey, and Spike Lee, to name a few.

But in the next couple of years, you’ll be seeing more of him.

I first noticed Mackie while watching an episode of Law and Order: CI. He played a reporter whose girlfriend was killed in his apartment and he became a prime suspect. But his confidence, talent, and charisma shined, and I looked him up. He’s been in some of the most defining films in the past five years, and he’s not a household name.


His last role was as a Major in the major flop Eagle Eye. But his next role as Tupac Shakur in Notorious should be an interesting take on a legend’s life.

Get Acquainted:


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