Appilya Inc, one of Japan’s foremost iphone app publishers, is known for creatively bringing Japanese culture and style to iphone users. They formed with financial support from Softbank Inc., the exclusive mobile provider of the iPhone in Japan.

My favorite apps would have to be the Wild Orchids Borneo (a bunch of photos of wild orchids that only bloom in Borneo), and the horoscope app entitled First Half horoscopes (although why don’t they do Year of the Tiger?).

I’m interested in Appilya, considering they’ve been a company since October of 2008 and have already become successful. Their mission is simple: to bring joy without much money. They’re also one of the few Asian publishers that have a Twitter, showing they are ready to move into a more technological age.

So I’m wondering – when will American publishers follow in their footsteps?

Get Acquainted:


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