Mike and Chris


chapman-leather-jacket-1065Lambskin jacket – $1,065 USD

sleeveless-herringbone-silk-blouse1Silk Herringbone Sleeveless Blouse


Alright, so for many of you, you haven’t heard of Mike and Chris, the husband-and-wife team who are New York-based.

But not to worry.

Mike and Chris, who have been featured in every fashion magazine and on almost every A-list celebrity (and then some), have already begun to establish themselves, and for sure some of you will know them soon.

Mike – a former fashion photographer and Chris – an artist, began an entire collection after their first attempt at hoodies ended with a demand for more from the talented duo. Both have said that their inspiration comes from LA and NYC in the 1970’s and 80’s. They use super-feminine threads to distressed leathers, and hold themselves up to a standard of gorgeous aesthetics and tailoring.

And don’t believe any rumors you may come across when searching for this fashion powerhouse – they have not folded and indeed have recently had a sample sale!

What’s more important is that this design duo are more into the underground fashion scene – just like we are.

Get Acquainted:


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