Torre Bicentenario I & II

Mexico City

Dutch firm ONA, headed by Rem Koolhaas, designed this concept building in anticipation for the two hundred year anniversary of Mexico’s independence.

Although once believed to be completed by September 19, 2011 (the date of Mexico’s independence), this concept project was cancelled in 2007 due to building restrictions, irregular funding, and corruption among the city officials at that time.

Not to worry, for ANOTHER Torre Bicentenario is in the works, aptly named the Torre Bicentenario II. Architect Hector Tagle Nader and the developer Group Adelac are estimating a completion date of 2012, almost a year after the landmark 200 year anniversary.

The completed structure will have 6 underground levels, a hotel, restaurant, and offices. It will be 70 stories high and will be the forth highest building in America and the tallest building in Mexico City and Latin America (hovering at 225.6 m).

The estimated cost of this building would be around US$800 million, partly due to the massive amount of security measures included. It will be equipped with the latest seismic shock absorbing equipment due to the high amount of seismic activity in that area. The money is reportedly coming from private investors.

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