Chromoly Has Some Dangerous Tacks


These are some deadly thumbtacks so that you can attack that project you’ve been weary of with new style.

No, seriously, I’m buying these. The fact that they DO look like throwing stars means props to the art director (Adam Pickard), who used injection molded ABS plastic to make the shape, a chrome finish to make it look deadly, and stainless steel pins to make it function- worthy.

And lets not forget the immensely talented Jonathon Sabine, the other half of the design duo behind Chromoly, a Canada-based production design company. Sabine, an alumni from The Sheridan Institute where he studied furniture design, has worked in various capacities, including graphic designer, design engineering, and cabinet making. His work has been featured in several fashion and style magazines, such as I.D. and Design Lines.

Adam Pickard is an Art Advertising Director in Toronto. He has worked with firms all over North America and has had his designs featured in several publications, such as Communication Arts and D&AD.

Together they have come up with some pretty interesting designs, including the bourgeois brass knuckles (wine opener), smuggling plates (you heard me right), and the tastemaker bag.

I’d post photos, but then I’d make you Chromoly-jealous.

Get Acquainted:


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