Cityabyss Has My Attention

And it should have yours as well.

95755_800_2a622495751_800_4fed8095749_800_56bacb95489_800_764da9Beata Szczecinska, aka Cityabyss, is a 30 year old artist from Poland. After graduating from school with an MA Honors in Graphic techniques, she has gone on to establish her works (handmade graphics and traditional artworks that are digitally processed) in several online and print publications, among them Computer Arts Magazine and Varoom Magazine. 

The main idea around which Cityabyss rotates is city as “agglomeration,” in its creation, including almost (if not all) aspects of art and design.

The ideas which Cityabyss rotate around are the same ideas that I have come to research, and am intrigued by. The work symbolizes a strong connection to the city, which I understand (living in more than a few of the largest cities in the world). 

Ms. Sczecinska established Cityabyss in 2006.

I hope you will check her out and

Get Acquainted:

Dripbook or Website or Blog


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