Duffy Square NYC Gets Best Seating


Duffy Square finally has good seating, it seems. The new TKTS booth (which sells tickets to Broadway shows the day of and for 50% off) has now been completed and fully redone.

Basically, if you walk into Times Square, you will not be able to miss this structure, partly because of the beautiful design and use of light and color. The structure itself, designed by Perkins Eastman and based off of the winning competition of Australian architects John Choi and Tai Ropiha, is made up mostly of structural glass used in various ways.

The TKTS booth itself is actually located under the steps (27, to be exact). This redesign of the existing booth and the addition of the steps and open area comes at a time when a full redesign of Duffy Square came into motion, with William Fellows leading the entire project. In fact, Duffy Square, notorious for not having enough pedestrian walkway was expanded by absorbing one lane of traffic in each direction. 

The steps are fully public and are a great place to view the Great White Way and just take in the scenery, although it should be mentioned that the mechanics of this structure are remarkable and should not be overlooked.

For more info on the redesign of the TKTS booth, 

Get Acquainted:


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