Andrea Innocent


Above are some of the brilliant works by Australian illustrator Andrea Innocent. After receiving her B.A. in Fashion Design and her M.A. in Multimedia Design, Innocent spent three years in Japan, living and breathing the culture of the locals. 

She is an artist of caliber, and she moves seamlessly between Eastern and Western styles, almost never noticing the borders society has put upon them. The degree to which Japan has had an influence on her work is obvious, and welcomed.

Otoshimono (meaning lost and found in Japanese) is the name of her website and also provides symbolism. On her about page on her website, she clearly acknowledges her ability to move into a head space between her home country of Australia and Japan.

I am completely in love with her work, having lived several years in Japan myself. She has captured what the culture gives to the life of a Westerner.

I suggest you Get Acquainted:


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