BMW Goes Shape Shifter

So Wired Magazine is one of my all-time favorites. They have almost everything a girl could ask for – technology, eco-science, cars, computers, etc etc.

But what I really love is when they unveil concept cars, like the BMW GINA:


Meet the BMW GINA (which stands for “Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptions”), a concept car designed by Chris Bangle, head of design for BMW. Originally built 6 years ago, it was unveiled earlier this month and will be on display at the BMW Museum in Munich. 

The GINA, a shape shifting car (yes, you heard me right. Watch the video!!) made of four panels of fabric, is based on the Z8 chassis. The frame is aluminum and is controlled by electric and hydraulic actuators that actually allow the drive to change it’s shape. The engine is accessible through a slit in the fabric in the front, and the doors open jack-knife style, allowing for a smooth body when all the doors are closed.

The fabric, which is wear and rain resistant, is also translucent, allowing for the lights on the front and the back of the car to shine through. Even the headrest, steering wheel, and gauges swing into place after the driver is already seated, allowing for a smoother entry or exit.

Although this car will never see the road, it makes way for more innovative (and perhaps conservative) designs to find their place in the market.

Get Acquainted:


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