Marlon Krieger

Marlon Krieger is a man whom I truly admire, not only for his intellect and fierce devotion to his work, but his artistic ability to tell a story with only images.


All images ©Marlon Krieger2004-2009
All images ©Marlon Krieger2004-2009

29 year-old New York based photographer Marlon Krieger studied Psychology at New York University before embarking on his career as a photographer. Since 1995, he has shot in over 25 countries (including covering the civil war in Haiti, Myanmar refugees in Northern Thailand, and royal ceremonies in Fiji). 

His success in publication has led to several showcases around the world, including London, Hamburg, and New York, with his first solo exhibit in New York being a photographic study of Cuba, entitled “Island in the Stream.”

Krieger’s work, which ranges from travel and photo-journalistic to nude portraits, is intensely candid and at the same time composed. As a creator, he never loses control of the moment if it is not intended, and that is the mark of a true artist.

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