Art Installation – Claska 701 “Someone’s Atelier”


On Meguro Street, nowhere near the center of Tokyo, Japan, lies a small, but in demand, boutique hotel by the name of CLASKA. With something like 12 available rooms, each beautifully decorated by a motley crew of Eastern or Western designers, it’s not hard to believe that this establishment is booked solid months in advance.

And it’s about to get a little more impossible to find a room.

Norihiko Terayama, from the design firm Studio Note, has set up his first installation of 2009 in room 701, with the piece simply called, “Someone’s Atelier.”

The focus of the piece is to give the resident of the room the assumption that they have found themselves in the workspace of an anonymous person. The pieces, which follow a minimal nature aesthetic with particular emphasis on the plant versus the white negative space around them, are meant to make the resident – and art lover – dream of the artist and make up their own stories of the artist’s life and inspirations.

Terayama, a 32  year old native of Tochigi, Japan, has studied several aspects of art and product design before forming Studio Note in 2006. He has won several awards and is a permanent fixture in Japanese contemporary culture.

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