Ferrari F1 Trike Hits The Tokyo Auto Salon 2009


The Japanese are known for their fascinating ability to drift, their amazing performance-altering designs, and for having some of the most die-hard fans ever.

What they’re not known for, especially in the West, is trikes.

Which is why when I did my research on the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon (which recently wrapped up), I was amused to come across this Ferrari-styled F1 trike, complete with the Rossa Corsa paint and Ferrari decals.

The bike is actually a Suzuki Hayabusa, super stylized by Johnny Yokosuka and company. Trike Japan, which specializes in converting normal motorcycles into trikes, debuted the trike as a showcase of their first Hayabusa conversion. 

While not much is known mechanically about the bike, it is known that the bike retains the original motor, the Hayabusa 13oocc motor.

See the video (Japanese – no translation!):


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