Matt & Nat

EDIT: It has been brought to our attention that Matt & Nat produces and manufactures all of their products in China. This is in direct violation of their socially responsible mission statement. While it is not Urban Landfill’s policy to remove any post, we would like to notify any reader that Matt & Nat can no longer be considered eco-friendly or socially responsible until they overhaul and move their place of operations to a country that has standards.

Urban Landfill does not support ethics that have loopholes.


Matt & Nat, a Montreal-based socially responsible handbag line, is one of the most forward-thinking companies to date. And their bags (all vegan leather and environmentally friendly) are simple, beautiful, and made for men and women.

Formed in 1997 by creator Inder Bendi, Matt & Nat has been significantly fashion- (and eco) forward before it was trendy. By using names of musicians (The first bag is named Portishead), and by keeping in line with Bendi’s passion for animal and environmental rights, the line has grown to include wallets, clutches, and so much more.

All of the materials and color choices used to make the bags are interesting – and never what you think. The colors and shapes used throughout the collections are indications that eco-fashion is becoming urban, leaving the earth tones for those who are comforted by them. The fact that their entire nylon collection is made of recycled water bottles should make you think twice …

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