Tao Ma Says Your Ring Is Calling


Technology certainly has changed over time, making things easier, smaller, and more compact. You can now do almost everything you can do on a PC or laptop on your cell phone, you don’t need snail mail, and T.V. has a run for it’s money with the creation of YouTube.

And now, Tao Ma, a famed phone concept designer from the Far East, plans to take your phone from an individual device to wearable jewelry in the form of the ring above.

To use, it’s quite simple. When you get a phone call, you place the ring near your ear (it’s got the ear piece) and you pull out the microphone to talk.

It’s a very simple device – no email, no gaming, no ringtones. But it does save you the grief of ever losing your phone or dropping it. 


Get Acquainted:


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  1. ah, that is pretty brilliant.

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