Leah Tinari’s Sneak a Peek at Mixed Greens, NYC


Leah Tinari is an exceptional artist.

Having graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1998, and having her first solo exhibit in NYC (at Mixed Greens) in 2003, Tinari has wasted no time in making herself one of the most sought-after documentary-styled fine artists.

Tinari, using primarily acrylic and gouache with paper and canvas, states on her website that “The photographs that interest me most are the ones that someone else would rip up or erase from their digital camera shortly after they are taken. Not knowing what to expect from the film is exciting to me and many times leads to happy accidents like corrupt composition, disheveled hair, flushed cheeks and red eye…”

Tinari uses moments photographed on 35 mm film as the base for most of her work. As is particularly common in her work, Tinari uses color as a playful tool in her work, vamping up the cheekiness or letting it fall to where only our subconscious finds it.

An artist who convinces her audience that the piece they are seeing is a moment worth celebrating is extraordinarily gifted at persuasion, since few stop to see the moment between moments anyway.


Get Acquainted:


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