Vertical Food Farms In Manhattan?


By the year 2050, 80% of the world’s population will be residing in cities and urban areas, and the hectares needed to feed those people is, at the very least, considerable (over 100).

So, every year, the Evolo Skyscraper Competition is held, and finalists are chosen. This year, Eric Vergne’s Dystopian Farm was of not only considerable mention, it was also chosen as one of the finalists.

Dystopian Farm aims to feed New York’s populace with a sustainable food source while allowing for a social and cultural interaction to take place. The farm, which makes room for agriculture, residential space, and markets, is modeled after the plant cells of ferns and is biomorphic.

And while the finalist has yet to be announced, it’s clear that vertical food farms are still in the lead as far as future agriculture is concerned.

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