Danish Noir Is Green Fashion



Peter Ingwersen, of the Danish brand Noir, is one of the heavyweights when it comes to eco-fashion.


Ingwersen and Rikke Wienmann’s (designer) work, seen above and below, is based on the structure and bias of a woman’s curves. Each piece is made with painstaking attention to detail, and made from raw Ugandan cotton.


Noir is important in eco-fashion because it shows a more urban, city feel to what has traditionally been seen as a granola, hippie trend. Noir’s rakish jackets, body hugging dresses and skirts, and all-around look is seen as a departure from the predictable, and takes fashion to a new level, which includes socially responsible practices.

Along with Noir, Ingwersen has also founded Illuminati II, a balance to Noir. Illuminati, Latin for the word light, is a company that produces organic, fair-trade fabric to NOIR and other luxury brands, and operates under stringent Global Compact Practices. 

Get Acquainted:


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