Mass Effect 2 Teaser Trailer Launched


Mass Effect, from gaming giant Bioware, has long been a favorite here at Urban Landfill. We love the interaction of the role playing, which allows you, the gamer, to make a lot of decisions, but we also enjoy the good old fashioned shooting to kill aspects as well. 

So, at long last, Bioware is getting ready to release Mass Effect 2 with a slew of teasers. The game itself is not scheduled to hit shelves until early 2010. While not much is known about the game itself, a note dropped on the Mass Effect message board by a representative of Bioware leaves cryptic instructions – don’t delete your saved Mass Effect 1 games. 

What does that mean? We at Urban Landfill have decided to take bets on what Bioware could possibly have up it’s sleeve, but no one knows for sure.

If anyone has a clue, drop us a line, and we’ll let you in on the action.

But for now,

Get Acquainted:


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