British Taxpayers Buy Land Rover LRX


The British government is finally thinking of their citizens – it has been reported that the government will give Land Rover $38 million to minimize the cost of an environmentally friendly compact SUV based on their LRX concept.

Land Rover is calling the new SUV “the lightest, and most efficient, vehicle” they’ve ever produced. And with a production date as close as early 2011, it’s not a leap to think that this “cross coupe'” (Land Rover’s words) could very well make it’s way to the US as soon as late 2011. 

The concept includes a biodiesel-hybrid drivetrain with lithium-ion batteries that could possibly get up to 50 mpg, but most likely, the car will show up at dealerships with the LR2’s 3.2 liter 16 under the hood. Even with the original engine, the compactness of the SUV would allow for a higher mpg.

Some aspects of the SUV, which will most likely be marketed as a Range Rover, most likely not be seen into production – such as the removable carbon-fiber roof and the rolling Iphone sync.

However, Urban Landfill hopes that the Range Rover will keep the modern rework of the leather and wood interior.

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