Christopher Raeburn

Call me traditional, but I’m a gal who loves to see a man rework a piece of clothing to make a genuine piece of fashion….



I’m all for the deconstruction/reconstruction of clothes, especially military ones. 

I’ve been known to tear apart my father’s old uniforms to make cute shirts and jackets. (But shhh, he thinks the dog did it!)


But Christopher Raeburn, the brilliant mastermind behind these beauties, takes it to a whole new level. The 2006 Royal Academy of Arts graduate is known for his ethical designs, and this year is no different – his work has been featured with prominent Tim Soar at the A/W 2009 Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and his womenswear collection debuted at A/W 2009 London Fashion Week.

What sets Raeburn apart is the intelligent design that comes forth from decommissioned British military uniforms. Very few, if any, European designers can boast going from concept to design to manufacturing in the same country, as Raeburn has done.

The work you see above is Raeburn’s reconstruction of water-proof jackets, trenches, bomber jackets, etc etc, all made from recently decommissioned military uniforms. The tailoring alone is enough to carry people’s amazement, and everyone is in agreement, from Blackbook Magazine to The Guardian and back again, this man’ s work is our treasure.

Keep your eyes on Raeburn, for as the new British eco-star, he may surpass every expectation.

Get Acquainted:


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