2011 Mercedes Looking Like Batmobile

Since we are talking about cars, and the Detroit 2010 show is still going on, I figured I may as well talk about this…vehicle Mercedes came up with.

On opening day of the Detroit 2010 show, the designers at Mercedes unveiled a carbonite structure which revealed some future design aspects. Mercedes wanted to showcase these elements as part of their new design direction.

Two elements – one, a SLS-AMG inspired fascia with a three pointed star and two, exaggerated rear fenders indicative of the E-Class. Both elements will from now on be seen in all models.

I wonder.

What is the point of these design elements? Truthfully, this photo was taken while Mercedes was cold-weather testing in Scandinavia, and little has been said about this “new”direction they are taking.

The car looks like a wannabe Batmobile. Seriously, Christopher Nolan needs to get on this. I want to see Christian Bale ride this badass-looking vehicle.

But I want to know, as a consumer, do these elements lead into a new innovative way of thinking Mercedes? Do they have new technology that will be implemented in new ways?

I know one thing – you get my money one way – QUALITY. Mercedes, you better be going somewhere with this. I’m already indifferent to your vehicles.


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