Revenge Verde Supercar….is a HYBRID?

Anytime there’s a lime green car, I’ve gotta talk about it.

So, US-based Revenge has taken Detroit 2010 as the prime opportunity to unveil their Verde Supercar.

Nice, right? Too bad there are no interior specifications.

However, top speed is reported to be over 200 mph, weight is 3.500 lb, and the framework is consisted of aluminum and carbon fiber. The most impressive spec is the Hp2g Hybrid drivetrain option, which has more than a few experts weary.

A lot of the chassis on the Verde Supercar was shared with the Ford GT. Another Ford product would be the racing Ford V8 engine, with GM making an appearance – LS9 with 638 horses.

A lot of car, right? For only 190,000 grand US. And if you pay, they will make it, with production starting as early as later this year.


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