TTXGP Releases Map for Race in Paris

Electric vehicles are usually touted for being good for the environment – not racing machines. Which is a pity, because so much technology makes them more fun to race.

So I was extremely excited that in June, TTXGP will host the first races for EV vehicles in Paris! The City of Lights will host separate racing events for EV cars and EV motorcycles on 4-6 June, 2010.

The E-Grand Prix is partnering with GP-Elec, and the events will take place at in Levalllois, Paris’ city center. M. Patrick Balkany, Maire of Le Levalllois, and MP of Les Hauts-de-Seine, fought hard to have the races in his borough, believing the races would garner attention for environmental issues in the city and lasting development for his people.

And for those Parisians who aren’t gear heads? The organizers have, well, organized recreational activities for them as well. (Now, if you and your significant other are in Paris, the one who isn’t in love with cars can go shopping!)



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