Jason De Caires Taylor

Ah, straight from our friends at The Wooster Collective, I bring you an artist whose passion for the ocean and for sculpture has made him a notable name in the world of underwater art:

Jason De Caires Taylor

(I’ll give you a minute to google him)

Jason De Caires Taylor is a British artist, and underwater photographer, and a fully licensed diving instructor. A graduate from the University of Arts London (B.A. Honours in Sculpture and Ceramics), he gained international recognition in May of 2006, with the first underwater sculpture park that can be found in Grenada, West Indies.

The work in the West Indies and his current project for the Cancun Underwater Museum (already billed as the largest underwater sculpture park ever built) combine his artistic talents with his passion for the sea. The sculptures are designed specifically to create artificial reefs for marine life to inhabit and colonize.

Jason De Caires Taylor’s work is about regenerative properties found in natural ecological processes. His work, which shows the timeline of human evolution and the purity of hope in revival, is one of the most direct and creative ways to show the impact of humanity on the nature around us.

For this reason alone, I am respectful and an admirer of Jason De Caires Taylor.

To Get Acquainted:

Jason De Caires Taylor’s Mexico Work:



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