Federal Judge BLOCKS Sections of AZ Immigration Law

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton Blocks Sections of Arizona Immigration Law HOURS Before It Was To Take Effect

Hours before the Arizona Immigration Law was to take effect (having been signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer in April of this year), U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton blocked several sections of the controversial law.

Of the most controversial sections, the judge blocked the requirement of police to determine the status of any person whom they feel might be in the country illegally while enforcing other laws. She also halted the ability for the state to charge illegal immigrants with a new offense – that is, failing to have proper immigration status documents on their person.

While others feel the need to rehash the facts of the the case, one which has revived itself over and over again, as a first generation American, I have something to say.

Phoenix, Arizona is indeed a hub for drugs and illegal immigrants. Yes, Arizona has the highest numbers of illegal immigrants passing through that we know of. But we have failed to ask a simple, and quite serious, question:

Why are they here?

In Southern states, many telecommunication and construction companies hire illegal immigrants because they are cheap and work HARDER than Americans doing the same job. They come because there is work, and safety, for themselves and their families. There are enough Americans willing to exploit and help the illegal immigrants for the trip to be worth being deported.

Not all illegal immigrants are pure of heart, and I realize this. I have been around enough gangs to know that there are other industries (namely sex trafficking, kidnapping rings, drug-running, and weapons trade) that come through the border. But in the case of Arizona, it will become racial profiling. Any politician who tells you that it won’t be is either ignorant, or lying. Perhaps both.

Americans and the policies we put into place have lasting effects. While the immigration reform debate might last several months or several years, generations that live on after us will heed the consequences. As citizens of the only nation in the world to be made up entirely by immigrants from inception to present time, we have to accept the mess we’ve created.

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