Stories Never Heard From Afghanistan – Until Now

Image Courtesy Time Magazine

What Will Happen When We Leave Afghanistan?

No one knows for sure what will happen if or when we leave Afghanistan. Americans certainly didn’t know the extent of the horror until the release of 90,000 documents on WikiLeaks was announced, although the reaction of the media was a little ridiculous.

I come from a military background – most people I know have served in the forces, including several members of my family. I spent years on military bases around the world myself, as a military dependent. It’s ALWAYS worse than what we’re told. If you don’t know that already, ignorance can be bliss for you.

Unfortunately, not everyone has lived inside the military paradigm. We forget that the videogames and tv shows have some inspiration from real life, and that things are always dulled down for us. We forget that for every time we see someone get tortured on the big screen, there are people being tortured and people doing the torturing somewhere in the world. And we forget not because the information isn’t out there, we forget because it’s easier than acknowledging the truth.

Aisha didn’t deserve what she got. She has suffered through so much, living with abusive in-laws and a man she couldn’t stand. Then, when she thought she was free, the Taliban snatched her up, descended a punishment that was cruel and unusual, and had her husband carry out the command. All this at 18 years old.

It’s amazing she’s alive and willing to tell her story.

As a woman, I understand that she wants to live her life and not be afraid of the Taliban. She wants the rights that she sees Americans and those of us in the West have, the same rights we take for granted.

Perhaps in our struggle of conscience and logic, whether to leave Afghanistan or not, we will also acknowledge and respect the rights we have here in the West.

And we will not waste them.

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