London Riots Escalate to Murder

The London Riots, which have been waging war on British society in recent days, have escalated to murder.

It has been reported by the British press that three men, coming out of prayer around 1 am  at a local mosque in Winson Green, Birmingham, were run over by unknown assailants. The men were joining a group to protect their area from rioters. All three men were taken to hospital, where two died from their injuries. The third man is listed as in critical condition.

Another man, as yet unidentified, was beaten to death in Enfield and died of his injuries early Wednesday evening.

The West Midlands Police, which will be handling the official murder inquiry of the men in Winson Green, arrested one man in connection with the deaths and recovered a vehicle near the scene which will be examined as evidence.

There has been no official murder inquiry into the death of the man in Enfield.

The riots, which began Saturday evening in Northern London, have spread north to cities such as Liverpool, Bristol, Gloucester, Wolverhampton, and Salford. Looting and rioting is widespread, and a police station in Nottingham has been firebombed.

There is no end in sight.

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