Street Etiquette – A Site We Love

These men know style.

When one clicks over to the Street Etiquette site, a men’s style blog owned and operated by Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi, it’s clear that these men have a relaxed, functional, and easy way of dressing. There are no tricks, no real rules to live by. Gumbs and Kissi just tell you what they know in laid back and honest way.

Upon first reading the site, you will remark at the minimalist background and the ease of navigation. You will be noticeably impressed with the photography, which showcases in a visceral way the writers wearing the very clothes they are talking about. You will no doubt realize within a matter of minutes that not only do these men research the history of the particular piece of clothing that is being written about, but they give anecdotes from their personal lives.

You won’t want to leave the site, but having indulged yourself in every last piece of men’s styling advice and history available, you will leave, but continue to return, waiting for an insightful new piece of advice on the latest trends.

Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi, both barely in their 20s, are a remarkable duo. Having started the site back in 2008, they are counted amongst the most influential bloggers in the realm of style by several institutions, including, but not limited to, The London Times, The Guardian UK, and GQ. Both men live in Brooklyn.

Here is a piece done by Nike’s The Ones video series, where the men speak in their own words about the blog and their influences:

[Photographer Credit Coming Soon]

Get Acquainted:


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