Mermaids // Marcel Wanders

It is an unusual thing to see a furniture company submerge their designs beneath water. For Moooi and Marcel Wanders, it works.

During London Design Week 2011, Wanders – who is the founder and art director for Moooi – presented his latest art project “Mermaids”, which transformed the White Building (Moooi’s London showroom) into an underwater daydream.

‘To be submerged into water is to be in a place free from the constraints of gravity, free to explore a multidimensional universe. Here, like Atlantis, the world of Moooi is enveloped in water, fit for discovery. I invite you to join the mermaids in this alternative state of being.’ – Marcel Wanders

The photographs depict a model swimming among several designs offered by the design firm. Designs featured include ‘miyake’ by Arihiro Miyake, ‘heracleum’ by Bertjan Pot, and ‘dear ingo’ by Ron Gilad.

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