LUZ Shirokane

As far as Japan goes, communal spaces in apartment buildings are a rarity.

Situated in Tokyo, Japan, Kawabe Naoya Architect and Associates have assembled ‘LUZ Shirokane’ which is a multi-story apartment building. The architecture firm has taken great care with the communal spaces, which are set up at the core of each level of the building.

The building’s exterior is made of clean lines and a tapering roof. The main entrance is hidden away through a private pathway that is set back from the street, to allow for a sense of privacy in the hectic city. The units make good use of interior windows, which look out over the communal spaces, and the stairways are open and beautifully structured.

The idea of a communal space in an apartment building may seem foreign for those of us in the West. We tend to think of our homes as a private getaway from the public lives we lead each day. However, a communal space, such as that in LUZ Shirokane, may make the residents a little more compassionate towards others.

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