Merci // Paris

Tucked away in a courtyard in the Marais district of Paris lies a shop.

Flanked by a florist and a bookstore on either side, this cobblestone building is nondescript. But those who venture inside the courtyard are met with a blinding sense wonder.

The Cohens, who made their mint off their luxury children’s brand BonPoint, have taken their love of quality and their need to give back to a whole new level – Merci.

Merci, the shop in the Marais district, is a delectable array of everything one could ever need – at a discount. Merci operates on the principle that all the proceeds (less the cost of production of wares) goes directly to a foundation that helps children in need. The husband and wife team called in all sorts of favors to receive designer items at cost, so those who shop at Merci buy their goods at 30 to 40% off the regular price.

The store, which encompasses 1,500 square feet and comprises over 1,500 products, also contains the bookstore and florist that flanks the storefront.

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