Tesla Concept // E-Max Bike

Tesla has a reputation as one of the luxury companies to turn to for an electric vehicle. 

Tesla, which enjoys high profile customers ranging from politicians to celebrities to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, have some of the best models for speed, luxury, and efficiency on the road.

So it’s no wonder why the cool hunters from Yanko Design picked up this E-Max bike concept by Madella Simone. The main attraction of this design is Simone’s ability to use piezoelectric material that converts compression strength to power for the bike. Along with that, a second layer of Halite fabric converts human heat into electricity. The power and extra electricity is routed into the bike’s two motors, which are located in the wheels.

So far, it’s a concept design. Tesla has no plans to construct motorcycles at this time. But with the amount of efficiency and dedication to design this concept has, perhaps Tesla should begin to think about heading in that direction.

Get Acquainted:


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