Stainless Steel Bangles from Cuyana

Cuyana, \ku-YAHN-uh\ – “to love.” 

[Taken from the traditional language of the Andean tribes, Quechua.]

Minimal design for jewelry seems to be a trend right now, but perhaps no company can marry the fine art of elegant minimalism with social responsibility as well as Cuyana.

Founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, the company concentrates on the traditions of individual countries and societies, and showcases the pieces they have been made for generations. Gallardo, originally from Ecuador, and Shah, an Indian-American, possess a sense of design and strength that few can emulate. With each passing collection, the company grows stronger, not only in their commitment to giving back (a percentage of all profits goes to benefit Charity:Water), but as a role model in sustainable design.

A favorite piece from the India Collection.

A favored piece from the current collection, India.

Design is a personal, and powerful, statement of who we are. Cuyana is an example of how an understated design can say so much about the person wearing it.

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