Website Love — The Impossible Cool

If UrbanLandfill were a girl, it’d have a crush on The Impossible Cool.

An  elegant and effortless site about the old Hollywood charm, The Impossible Cool curates an amazing collection of photographs, each one a perception of Hollywood at the time it was taken. Photos of Seberg, Connery, Taylor, McGraw, Hepburn, McQueen, and countless others (including artists and musicians) mark the website, with little interruption save for an introduction for those who may not know the photographed.

But that’s not the only reason why The Impossible Cool is…well, cool.

Founder Sean Sullivan has been able to showcase what society wants – charm, civility, manners, and grace – and what it is completely lacking at the moment. When you enter his world, you find a world where adults acted like adults, women were alluring, and men were gentlemen.

Cheers, The Impossible Cool.

Get Acquainted:

The Impossible Cool

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