Found on Instagram – The Detour Diaries

©The Detour Diaries

There is little that can be said about The Detour Diaries that William Jiraiya cannot say for himself.

But it is worth a shot.

The Detour Diaries is a site about the adventures of Jiraiya and his frequent travel photographer friend, Jake VDVF. Jiraiya is a constant traveller, having seen more than fifty countries by his 21st birthday. He continues to travel, and is on his way to completing work on a documentary about his way of life.

But it is not a comical, or wild, travel blog, though it is sure there are moments along the way that fit those descriptions. There are missteps, nights spent outdoors, and issues stemming from back home (which seems to be Byron Bay, New South Wales). It is a site that communicates one person’s view of the world, how it changes with each new adventure and country, and how beliefs you’ve held dear can still hold firm even after you’ve left the fantasy of childhood.

Here at UrbanLandfill, The Detour Diaries is a must-check-in everyday. It holds in place our own ideas of life, and the world we’ve seen (so far).

 Get Acquainted:

The Detour Diaries

William Jiraiya (facebook)


Jake VDVF (Facebook)





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