Gymnase Clapiers by MDR Architectes

© Benoit Wehrlé

UrbanLandfill loves architects who are efficient.

Take the Gymnase Clapiers project as an example. Completed this year, the 900sqm facility in Montpellier, France is an elegant, streamlined structure that allows for efficiency of light, air, and energy, without losing any semblance of design.

The building is simple – two long sports halls connected by an open air welcome area. Bay windows in the interior of the building make the majority of the space visible from end to the other. Even the gym’s offices open on the welcome area, but are also visible through both sports halls.

The building is minimal, with colored concrete and exterior windows being the design attributes most would recognize first. But these design choices were not simply aesthetic. Colored concrete is a durable building component, one that lends itself to easy upkeep and a striking appearance. The windows are strategically placed throughout the building to ensure light and heat efficiency throughout the year. Even the depth to which the windows are set (nearly nonexistent to the North, and narrow and deep to the West) plays an important role in the managing of energy consumption of the building.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Gymnase Clapiers is the interior. The sports hall walls are heat and sound proof, and covered with vented wooden slates, which helps reinforce energy conservation. Polycarbonate facades operate within the structure as real light filters, and considerably reduces the amount of artificial light used in the building.

MDR Architectes design team Sancie Matte Devaux, Frédéric Devaux, and Arnaud Rousseau are an exceptional team, marrying their project to the environment in which it is set, and delivering amusing and significant answers to problems they may have faced.

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All designs ©MDR Architectes.

All images ©Benoit Wehrlé

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