Xtreme KinematiX // Marin Myftiu

All images courtesy of Marin Myftiu

Marin Myftiu’s career is one worth watching.

Take one look at the designer behind the Xtreme KinematiX, and you’ll see why. His portfolio showcases his interest in car design, along with his keen aptitude for aesthetics. The freelance designer and architect spares no artistic expense when it comes to designing this new generation electric roadster.

All images courtesy Marin Myftiu

What’s distinctive and alluring about the XKX is the feline ideal – that is to say, the car was designed to physically resemble a feline predator. The car in profile almost gives you a sense of a predator ready to pounce, the body long, lean, and light, with little interruptions on the frame. Looking at it straight-on, the roadster resembles an aggressive expression of an attacking feline.

Looking at roadsters from the 1960s, they were linked to a minimalist approach, though its doubtful they were categorized as much. The cars had to be light, but powerful, giving the illusion of aerodynamic fluency. It makes sense that the XKX was based on car designs from that era, and one look from the comparisons will tell you that this car is a further improvement on the roadsters from 50 years ago.

XKX mirrors. All images courtesy Marin Myftiu

An interesting characteristic of the XKX are the 1cm disappearing mirrors. Fully operational when the car is turned on, these mirrors slide into a shallow hatch made within the doors when the car is turned off, adding to the aerodynamic design and preventing any damage to them while parked.

All images courtesy Marin Myftiu

Aerodynamics in a roadster is always important, and you’ll find that the speed of, and indeed the energy consumed, by a roadster is in direct proportion to the intake system which allows the air flow to find the path of least resistance around it. For the XKX, this problem – presented by the introduction of a much smaller and cooler power plant – was resolved by broadening the side deflector intakes, allowing air to flow behind the front wheels, glide along the sides of the cars, and reroute to the rear deflector intakes. This greatly reduces drag and the total flowing path.

All images courtesy of Marin Myftiu

The most exciting part of the project, at least for us here at UrbanLandfill, is the process in which a layer (piezoelectric transparent sheet) which houses the body of the XKX stores energy created by air pressure causing friction against the car, which is converted into electricity, and fed back into the car’s battery. This increases both efficiency and performance. Since 60% of the energy used by a typical car on a highway is spent to counter air friction, you can see why this innovative idea makes a problem into an improvement on an already beautiful vehicle.

Marin Myftiu is a designer we will watch closely, knowing his work signals a change in the car industry. Innovation and elegance go hand in hand, as demonstrated by the XKX. They are not mutually exclusive. In time, we will see Myftiu’s designs as the rule, not the exception they are today.

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All images courtesy Marin Myftiu.

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