Urbanlandfill’s New Year Resolutions

It’s an odd idea, it seems, to have resolutions once a year. One would think you’d do it continuously, creating and improving upon yourself as time goes on. Here in America it seems that resolutions come only after you’ve had a hard night of drinking and are feeling the hangover from hell.

But resolutions, in whatever situation they come about, are a necessary thing. They give you a goal, present a challenge, and help you to realise what you want, and what you don’t.

So. Here goes.

URBAN LANDFILL’s New Year Resolutions:

1. Write at least three posts a week. (We all knew this was coming, didn’t we? Blogging is most often thrown aside when it’s not the main source of income. Tragic. But it is the truth. But when it’s something you are passionate about, you make twice the effort.)

2. Build a wardrobe based on the principals of sustainable design.

3. Enjoy – and report on – the different aspects of environmental and sustainable design that companies, brands, and people incorporate into their work.

A small list, but an important one.


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