Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia [self III]

Charmaine Olivia is an artist’s artist.

This San Diego-born, San Francisco-based self-taught artist is extremely prolific, regularly doing more than half a dozen gallery showings a year. Her work is colourful, imaginative, intense, and gratifying to those who see the emotion behind each subject.

Olivia is a revolving, evolving door of inspiration, and the phases she goes through is evident in her work. She is also accessible online, having a presence on tumblr, instagram, facebook, and twitter. You’ll find her personal posts to be revealing about her views on art and working as an artist, and the peeks she gives into her personal studio make you like her that much more.

She is especially loved here at UrbanLandfill, where we regularly play a cat-and-mouse game with her store, trying to get our hands on her limited-edition prints to decorate our office.

Charmaine Olivia

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