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Kate Moss x LOVE Magazine [Flower Power]


What really, can you say, about a woman like Kate Moss?

At 39, she is a most widely recognised style icon, melding the styles of bohemian and rocker together and melding it with sexy and classic styles.

For the 9th edition for LOVE Magazine, Ms Moss is brilliantly shot (by photographer Tim Walker, no less) wearing little more than flowers in a spread that recalls those fortunate enough to be there to the time of Flower Power.

All photos are property of LOVE Magazine.

James Bond Celebrates 50th Anniversary

James Bond is celebrating his 50th anniversary this year in style.

Along with a new film (Skyfall, which arrives stateside in November), the Bond franchise will also be releasing James Bond 007 cologne for men. Procter & Gamble and Eon Productions collaborated to make this exclusive product, with notes such as sandalwood, fresh apple, cardamom, lavender, moss and coumarin.

James Bond 007 will be sold solely at Harrods beginning 15 August, and becomes nationwide 19 September.

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James Bond Fragrance

Found on Instagram – The Detour Diaries

©The Detour Diaries

There is little that can be said about The Detour Diaries that William Jiraiya cannot say for himself.

But it is worth a shot.

The Detour Diaries is a site about the adventures of Jiraiya and his frequent travel photographer friend, Jake VDVF. Jiraiya is a constant traveller, having seen more than fifty countries by his 21st birthday. He continues to travel, and is on his way to completing work on a documentary about his way of life.

But it is not a comical, or wild, travel blog, though it is sure there are moments along the way that fit those descriptions. There are missteps, nights spent outdoors, and issues stemming from back home (which seems to be Byron Bay, New South Wales). It is a site that communicates one person’s view of the world, how it changes with each new adventure and country, and how beliefs you’ve held dear can still hold firm even after you’ve left the fantasy of childhood.

Here at UrbanLandfill, The Detour Diaries is a must-check-in everyday. It holds in place our own ideas of life, and the world we’ve seen (so far).

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The Detour Diaries

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Website Love — The Impossible Cool

If UrbanLandfill were a girl, it’d have a crush on The Impossible Cool.

An  elegant and effortless site about the old Hollywood charm, The Impossible Cool curates an amazing collection of photographs, each one a perception of Hollywood at the time it was taken. Photos of Seberg, Connery, Taylor, McGraw, Hepburn, McQueen, and countless others (including artists and musicians) mark the website, with little interruption save for an introduction for those who may not know the photographed.

But that’s not the only reason why The Impossible Cool is…well, cool.

Founder Sean Sullivan has been able to showcase what society wants – charm, civility, manners, and grace – and what it is completely lacking at the moment. When you enter his world, you find a world where adults acted like adults, women were alluring, and men were gentlemen.

Cheers, The Impossible Cool.

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The Impossible Cool

Nike Lookbook Illustrated by Comic Book Artists

Every little girl grows up wanting to be a superhero, right?

Nike is betting on it. For the Autumn 2011 lookbook, the sportswear company giant has enlisted the considerable talents of Jan  Duursema and Amanda Conner, both female comic book artists, to draw the illustrations.

The lookbook’s title, and the theme, is “Make Yourself a Superhero.” While in recent years, Nike has celebrated the female athlete, they have decided to strike a different tone, making the everyday woman a superhero.

Duursema is best known for her work on the Star Wars series and Conner has been working with DC on several projects.

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Camilla d’Errico x Joshua Dysart [Helmet Girls]

Graphic novels done by such talented people as Joshua Dysart and Camilla d’Errico cannot be overlooked.

Helmet Girls, an idea based off Camilla d’Errico’s (Nightmares and Fairytales, Sky Pirates) sketches of girls in helmets, is finally coming to fruition as a graphic novel, penned by none other than Urban Landfill friend, Joshua Dysart (Violent Messiahs, Unknown Soldier).

While the excitement is building over this collaboration, information on this anticipated graphic novel is being reserved for New York Comic Con, the East Coast’s biggest pop culture convention.

Watch this space. UrbanLandfill will have more information for you in October.

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Vivienne Westwood x Marie Claire [Save The Rainforest]

The legendary Vivienne Westwood wants you to pay attention to the rainforest.

The veteran designer has recently teamed up with Marie Claire Magazine and the fair-trade company People Tree to design the t-shirt dress. The June 2011 issue of all 24 editions of Marie Claire magazine coincided with the product being put on the market, as Dame Vivienne Westwood was guest-editing the magazine’s editorial.

Also a coincidence, the United Nations declared 2011 “Year of the Forest.”

The t-shirt dress retails for £28, of which £7 goes to the Society for Environment and Human Development, a non-profit organization.

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Thousand Pounds Fighting Sequence [Video]

Thousand Pounds is a group of fiercely talented and focused people who have turned the skill of fighting into a street culture art.

Photos of the core group:

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Kate Moss x American Vogue [Photos]

Kiss Me, Kate is the title of the new editorial photographed by Mario Testino for the September Issue of American Vogue. The spread, which features the supermodel Kate Moss and newlywed husband Jamie Hince (from the band The Kills) in some portraits from the wedding, is accompanied by an interview by Moss, who reveals that they got engaged after watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding in Thailand while on holiday.

[Video by Vogue Online]

[Photographs by Mario Testino]

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