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Dripbook Favorites – Diana Iris Baltazar

Phresh Organics II [I]


Diana Iris Baltazar is UrbanLandfill’s type of people.

A fantastic stylist with an eye for detail and an emotional knowledge of the dynamic relationship between a woman and her clothes, Baltazar has had her eyes on clothing and fashion since she was a toddler. Ms. Baltazar is a visual artist, with degrees in Visual Art and Comparative Literature from Brown University, and a master’s degree in Visual Culture: Costume Design from New York University.

Baltazar’s work has been featured in VOGUE Korea, The Wild, BG Magazine, ZINK Magazine, and Volt UK.

Along with having a keen eye for detail, Baltazar has a compassionate heart, and focuses her time and energy on eco-friendly brands and fashion houses.

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Nudie Jeans S/S 2013 Lookbook


Here at UrbanLandfill, we have high standards for our denim.

So we were excited to see our friends HYPEBEAST releasing the images for Nudie Jeans’ S/S 2013 Lookbook.

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish company who works primarily in denim for men, although their loyal fan base includes women (such as here, at UrbanLandfill). Aside from having high standards in the cut, fit, and style of denim, Nudie Jeans also has reached their goal of working in organic denim ahead of schedule.

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HERE [Hypebeast]

HERE [for the transition to organic denim]


Aesop Mouthwash

Aesop Mouthwash

It’s a difficult thing, finding a mouthwash that doesn’t feel like you’re gargling acid.

Aesop has solved that problem.

The Australian skincare brand that has brought anti-oxidants into the mainstream of hygiene products is set to release an introduction into oral care – the mouthwash.

Formulated for those who have sensitive mouths and/or just need to freshen their breath, this alcohol-free mouthwash maintains your pH levels and leaves your breath with the subtle notes of spearmint (much less harsh than peppermint) and aniseed. The inclusion of spearmint ensures that while this mouthwash will be effective, it will not be overpowering.

Sold in 500ml bottles, this product is set to hit Aesop’s webshop and stockists worldwide beginning 29 January.

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James Bond Celebrates 50th Anniversary

James Bond is celebrating his 50th anniversary this year in style.

Along with a new film (Skyfall, which arrives stateside in November), the Bond franchise will also be releasing James Bond 007 cologne for men. Procter & Gamble and Eon Productions collaborated to make this exclusive product, with notes such as sandalwood, fresh apple, cardamom, lavender, moss and coumarin.

James Bond 007 will be sold solely at Harrods beginning 15 August, and becomes nationwide 19 September.

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James Bond Fragrance

Xtreme KinematiX // Marin Myftiu

All images courtesy of Marin Myftiu

Marin Myftiu’s career is one worth watching.

Take one look at the designer behind the Xtreme KinematiX, and you’ll see why. His portfolio showcases his interest in car design, along with his keen aptitude for aesthetics. The freelance designer and architect spares no artistic expense when it comes to designing this new generation electric roadster.

All images courtesy Marin Myftiu

What’s distinctive and alluring about the XKX is the feline ideal – that is to say, the car was designed to physically resemble a feline predator. The car in profile almost gives you a sense of a predator ready to pounce, the body long, lean, and light, with little interruptions on the frame. Looking at it straight-on, the roadster resembles an aggressive expression of an attacking feline.

Looking at roadsters from the 1960s, they were linked to a minimalist approach, though its doubtful they were categorized as much. The cars had to be light, but powerful, giving the illusion of aerodynamic fluency. It makes sense that the XKX was based on car designs from that era, and one look from the comparisons will tell you that this car is a further improvement on the roadsters from 50 years ago.

XKX mirrors. All images courtesy Marin Myftiu

An interesting characteristic of the XKX are the 1cm disappearing mirrors. Fully operational when the car is turned on, these mirrors slide into a shallow hatch made within the doors when the car is turned off, adding to the aerodynamic design and preventing any damage to them while parked.

All images courtesy Marin Myftiu

Aerodynamics in a roadster is always important, and you’ll find that the speed of, and indeed the energy consumed, by a roadster is in direct proportion to the intake system which allows the air flow to find the path of least resistance around it. For the XKX, this problem – presented by the introduction of a much smaller and cooler power plant – was resolved by broadening the side deflector intakes, allowing air to flow behind the front wheels, glide along the sides of the cars, and reroute to the rear deflector intakes. This greatly reduces drag and the total flowing path.

All images courtesy of Marin Myftiu

The most exciting part of the project, at least for us here at UrbanLandfill, is the process in which a layer (piezoelectric transparent sheet) which houses the body of the XKX stores energy created by air pressure causing friction against the car, which is converted into electricity, and fed back into the car’s battery. This increases both efficiency and performance. Since 60% of the energy used by a typical car on a highway is spent to counter air friction, you can see why this innovative idea makes a problem into an improvement on an already beautiful vehicle.

Marin Myftiu is a designer we will watch closely, knowing his work signals a change in the car industry. Innovation and elegance go hand in hand, as demonstrated by the XKX. They are not mutually exclusive. In time, we will see Myftiu’s designs as the rule, not the exception they are today.

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All images courtesy Marin Myftiu.

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Gymnase Clapiers by MDR Architectes

© Benoit Wehrlé

UrbanLandfill loves architects who are efficient.

Take the Gymnase Clapiers project as an example. Completed this year, the 900sqm facility in Montpellier, France is an elegant, streamlined structure that allows for efficiency of light, air, and energy, without losing any semblance of design.

The building is simple – two long sports halls connected by an open air welcome area. Bay windows in the interior of the building make the majority of the space visible from end to the other. Even the gym’s offices open on the welcome area, but are also visible through both sports halls.

The building is minimal, with colored concrete and exterior windows being the design attributes most would recognize first. But these design choices were not simply aesthetic. Colored concrete is a durable building component, one that lends itself to easy upkeep and a striking appearance. The windows are strategically placed throughout the building to ensure light and heat efficiency throughout the year. Even the depth to which the windows are set (nearly nonexistent to the North, and narrow and deep to the West) plays an important role in the managing of energy consumption of the building.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Gymnase Clapiers is the interior. The sports hall walls are heat and sound proof, and covered with vented wooden slates, which helps reinforce energy conservation. Polycarbonate facades operate within the structure as real light filters, and considerably reduces the amount of artificial light used in the building.

MDR Architectes design team Sancie Matte Devaux, Frédéric Devaux, and Arnaud Rousseau are an exceptional team, marrying their project to the environment in which it is set, and delivering amusing and significant answers to problems they may have faced.

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All designs ©MDR Architectes.

All images ©Benoit Wehrlé

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Stainless Steel Bangles from Cuyana

Cuyana, \ku-YAHN-uh\ – “to love.” 

[Taken from the traditional language of the Andean tribes, Quechua.]

Minimal design for jewelry seems to be a trend right now, but perhaps no company can marry the fine art of elegant minimalism with social responsibility as well as Cuyana.

Founded by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, the company concentrates on the traditions of individual countries and societies, and showcases the pieces they have been made for generations. Gallardo, originally from Ecuador, and Shah, an Indian-American, possess a sense of design and strength that few can emulate. With each passing collection, the company grows stronger, not only in their commitment to giving back (a percentage of all profits goes to benefit Charity:Water), but as a role model in sustainable design.

A favorite piece from the India Collection.

A favored piece from the current collection, India.

Design is a personal, and powerful, statement of who we are. Cuyana is an example of how an understated design can say so much about the person wearing it.

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Sakina M’sa x Puma for Merci – Grip Bag

Sakina M’sa has partnered with Puma to create 100 limited edition Grip bags, made completely from worker’s overalls. The bag, which M’sa has explained to the press has an homage to French workers, will be released worldwide.

Ten lucky bags, however, will find a home at Merci, a Paris concept store. Merci hosted a brunch on 11 October 2011 for the launch of the bags, which retails at 350 euro, $475 at current exchange.

M’sa, whose company offers work opportunities for the long-termed unemployed, was one of the 2010 recipients of the Social Entrepreneur Award. Parent company PPR’s Foundation for Women’s Dignity and Rights hold the awards annually.

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Star Wars x Burton // Snowboards [Preview]

Star Wars on Snowboards. 

Star Wars is easily one of the most recognizable franchises in the world. Its influence spans generations and cultures, for the plot and theme of the films is relatable to all sorts of walks of life.

So it should not come as a shock that the franchise has teamed up with Burton, snowboard company darling, for a collaboration on their widest range of snowboards, the Chopper.

Each board comes with the Burton name in the famous Star Wars font on the top, and a depiction of characters from the film giant on the bottom.

While prices are not known at this writing, expect your local Burton retailer to get these in time for Christmas.

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