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Kate Moss x LOVE Magazine [Flower Power]


What really, can you say, about a woman like Kate Moss?

At 39, she is a most widely recognised style icon, melding the styles of bohemian and rocker together and melding it with sexy and classic styles.

For the 9th edition for LOVE Magazine, Ms Moss is brilliantly shot (by photographer Tim Walker, no less) wearing little more than flowers in a spread that recalls those fortunate enough to be there to the time of Flower Power.

All photos are property of LOVE Magazine.

Diamonds are Forever – Wildfox Swim 2013

Three Things UrbanLandfill loves:

Girls, Guns, and Bond.

So when the photos for the 2013 campaign for Wildfox Swim came out earlier this week, it was hard to sit on them. Kimberley Gordon and Leilani Shimoda, designers behind the swimwear collection (now in its second season as part of the Wildfox family), were heavily influenced by the Bond films of the 60s, and the collection is based on the idea of a jet-setting American girl:

“The new collection is inspired by a totally American girl who lives for traveling. She dreams of England and hotel rooms, she loves flowers and diamonds, and she loves decadence!  She’s a Bond Girl, a 60’s bombshell who dyes her hair all shades of colors and meets beautiful men everywhere she goes.  She wakes up at six in the morning to catch the sunrise and does laps in her giant, turquoise pool. She is always ready to pack her bags and fly to another country, stay in another hotel, she travels lightly, packs bikinis, sparkly dresses and beach cover ups. This girl always has her swimsuit in her purse or her glove compartment, she’s always ready for her next big adventure, and she’s always ready to make new friends… wherever she goes.” – Kimberley Gordon

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All images courtesy and property of Wildfox Couture.

Model: Cintia Dicker

Photos: Mark Hunter

Styling: Leilani Shimoda, Kimberley Gordon

Makeup: Carlene K

Hair: Tyron Dupre

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Found on Instagram – The Detour Diaries

©The Detour Diaries

There is little that can be said about The Detour Diaries that William Jiraiya cannot say for himself.

But it is worth a shot.

The Detour Diaries is a site about the adventures of Jiraiya and his frequent travel photographer friend, Jake VDVF. Jiraiya is a constant traveller, having seen more than fifty countries by his 21st birthday. He continues to travel, and is on his way to completing work on a documentary about his way of life.

But it is not a comical, or wild, travel blog, though it is sure there are moments along the way that fit those descriptions. There are missteps, nights spent outdoors, and issues stemming from back home (which seems to be Byron Bay, New South Wales). It is a site that communicates one person’s view of the world, how it changes with each new adventure and country, and how beliefs you’ve held dear can still hold firm even after you’ve left the fantasy of childhood.

Here at UrbanLandfill, The Detour Diaries is a must-check-in everyday. It holds in place our own ideas of life, and the world we’ve seen (so far).

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The Detour Diaries

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Dripbook Favorites — Michael Crook

Michael Crook is a photographer with a unique quality – she instills in her photographs a sense of kinetic energy rarely found in other photographs.

Crook, who is an avid cyclist and has competed in several Olympic distance triathlons, has a history of photographing fashion and music. More recently, she’s turned her eye to photographing pro sports in a signature style. She is a contributor to Corbis Images and has documented in Africa for UNICEF.

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[All photos courtesy and property of Michael Crook]

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Website Love — The Impossible Cool

If UrbanLandfill were a girl, it’d have a crush on The Impossible Cool.

An  elegant and effortless site about the old Hollywood charm, The Impossible Cool curates an amazing collection of photographs, each one a perception of Hollywood at the time it was taken. Photos of Seberg, Connery, Taylor, McGraw, Hepburn, McQueen, and countless others (including artists and musicians) mark the website, with little interruption save for an introduction for those who may not know the photographed.

But that’s not the only reason why The Impossible Cool is…well, cool.

Founder Sean Sullivan has been able to showcase what society wants – charm, civility, manners, and grace – and what it is completely lacking at the moment. When you enter his world, you find a world where adults acted like adults, women were alluring, and men were gentlemen.

Cheers, The Impossible Cool.

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The Impossible Cool

Kate Moss x Fred for ELLE [Photos]

Supermodel Kate Moss and musician husband Jamie Hince of the Kills cover ELLE France’s October issue. 

Photographed by Sofia Seiff, the accompanying interview discusses Kate Moss and her new jewelry line with French jewelry design house Fred.

Last three photos come from Kate Moss’s campaign for Fred.

Tommy Ton for GQ Street Style

There’s something amazing about how Tommy Ton photographs. 

Street style in Paris and Milan normally focuses on women, but Tommy Ton, on assignment for GQ
(Paris and Milan), captured the men. And he captured the best of the best.

Here’s a sample:

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Banksy – Myths and Legends

Banksy: A Myth and a Legend.

What could be considered a memoir of one of the most influential street artists, Banksy: Myths and Legends has been released. It is described as including tales of the artist himself. Most of the stories come from Bristol, where Banksy is from, and are labeled as “tall tales” or “stuff from myth.”

While this writer is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the book, you can find a copy on amazon.

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Dripbook Favorite – Robyn Stark // Photos

Robyn Stark is a remarkable fashion stylist.

Many stylists have an innate sense of what will look good on camera, but Stark is different. She goes beyond what most people think is fashion styling.

She is detailed oriented, with amazing attention to the lines of the clothing and how they relate to the model’s body. Stark is also a fantastic eye, which is proven over and over again in editorials she does for clients all over the world.

Now, as the fashion director for the online site, Stark is expanding her already vast experience in the fashion world in ways of writing, creating, brand consultancy, and editing.

It would not surprise this writer if Robyn Stark follows in the footsteps of editors such as Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt. It would be well deserved.

All photos courtesy ©Robyn Stark

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Isabeli Fontana x Terry Richardson [Mango Preview]

Isabeli Fontana is sexy.

Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana is fronting the new campaign for Spanish clothing company Mango. The campaign features Fontana wearing the new collection is photographed by Terry Richardson.

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