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Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia [self III]

Charmaine Olivia is an artist’s artist.

This San Diego-born, San Francisco-based self-taught artist is extremely prolific, regularly doing more than half a dozen gallery showings a year. Her work is colourful, imaginative, intense, and gratifying to those who see the emotion behind each subject.

Olivia is a revolving, evolving door of inspiration, and the phases she goes through is evident in her work. She is also accessible online, having a presence on tumblr, instagram, facebook, and twitter. You’ll find her personal posts to be revealing about her views on art and working as an artist, and the peeks she gives into her personal studio make you like her that much more.

She is especially loved here at UrbanLandfill, where we regularly play a cat-and-mouse game with her store, trying to get our hands on her limited-edition prints to decorate our office.

Charmaine Olivia

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Jason De Caires Taylor

Ah, straight from our friends at The Wooster Collective, I bring you an artist whose passion for the ocean and for sculpture has made him a notable name in the world of underwater art:

Jason De Caires Taylor

(I’ll give you a minute to google him)

Jason De Caires Taylor is a British artist, and underwater photographer, and a fully licensed diving instructor. A graduate from the University of Arts London (B.A. Honours in Sculpture and Ceramics), he gained international recognition in May of 2006, with the first underwater sculpture park that can be found in Grenada, West Indies.

The work in the West Indies and his current project for the Cancun Underwater Museum (already billed as the largest underwater sculpture park ever built) combine his artistic talents with his passion for the sea. The sculptures are designed specifically to create artificial reefs for marine life to inhabit and colonize.

Jason De Caires Taylor’s work is about regenerative properties found in natural ecological processes. His work, which shows the timeline of human evolution and the purity of hope in revival, is one of the most direct and creative ways to show the impact of humanity on the nature around us.

For this reason alone, I am respectful and an admirer of Jason De Caires Taylor.

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Jason De Caires Taylor’s Mexico Work:



Tes One


Leon “Tes One” Bedore has been in the street art game since 1992, making him a veteran of the art form that has inspired streetwear, fine art, and music for over 15 years. With his massive experience in street art combining with his level of skill in computer and graphic design, Tes One could most certainly be considered a pioneer of this traditional vs technological art that is household now.

Having worked for M3, MTV, Barack Obama, Nokia, Sony Ericcson (to name a few), Tes One has cornered pop culture and meshed it with counter culture to make a niche that is easily inspirational for those of us who are look for interpertation.

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Libraries – A New Perspective by Candida Höfer


Candida Höfer, by many, is considered to be one of the greats when it comes to the international photographic art community.

These photographs show why.

The book, Libraries, is a visual homage to the world’s greatest holders of knowledge, and provide a depth and scope into the architecture and bravado of such institutions as Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, the Villa Medici in Rome, The Whitney Museum in New York City, the British Library in London, and the Escorial in Spain.

It is also interesting that Umberto Eco, the famed philosopher and professor at the University of Bologna, wrote the introduction, as the man is considered by many who buy photograph books to be a witty companion to Höfer’s restrained and somber photos.


Roberto Roseano

30572_800_2f99bd130518_800_4f23d9130632_800_14a63830635_800_58f20cRoberto Roseano, based in Italy, is one of the more interesting artists I have come across.

Instead of allowing the natural surroundings to tell the story, Roseano has taken control and painted his stories directly onto his subjects, making for a more interesting artform. 

From the above photographs, it is clear that Roseano is a master of using light and minimal color to his advantage, and the last photo shown is a symbol of his intensity and ability to get just what he wants from a photo.

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Art of Music Exhibition – Colette Paris


If you are an artist, and have ever done any cover art for a band/musician, this exhibition is the one you want to be in.

The Art of Music exhibition brings itself to the boutique Colette in Paris for an extended stay, showcasing some of the more brilliant works by the leading individuals in the industry. (Case In Point – SO ME, Steven Harrington, Stefan Marx, PAM, Josh Petherick, French, and Genevieve Gauckler)

Before the visit to Paris, the show (which concerns itself primarily with the parallels between music and art and the collaboration between them) made stops in Los Angeles (in Sept 2008) and Sweden (Dec 2008).



Above is a photo of the members of Delaware, a design/music group from Japan. (Members include – Masato Samata, Aya Honda, Morihiro Tajiri,  & Ages5&Up)

The super sonic group that designs everything from visual and web design to writing to music to mobile phone art was first organized by Masato Samata in 1993. 

Since their conception, they have had a revolving number of artists come and go, and have been doing exhibitions and live shows (the most recent being the Adidas/Diesel party in 2008). 

I am interested in the ability of its members to find common ground in design and move from music to visual art. Although most of the group’s work is hard to find (seeing as I don’t speak Japanese), I am keeping my eye on them.

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Siggeir Hafsteinsson

I’m always fond of artistic, talented, focused people.


Siggeir Hafsteinsson happens to be one of those people.


This thirty-something Icelandic graphic design master has been working in graphic design for over a decade – and with some very well known clients, including Coca-Cola, MTV, and Eskimo Models. 


And don’t think he’s done yet – he’s got loads more to show the world, so remember his name.

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Mattijs Devroedt

People like Mattijs Devroedt are the reason I love doing this website.

Matjis Devroedt

At only 20 years old, he is already fluent in street culture and art that few of us will ever understand.


I’d like to think he knows how good of an artist he is.


But then again, talent and perspective rarely recognize themselves.


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