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Dripbook Favorites – Diana Iris Baltazar

Phresh Organics II [I]


Diana Iris Baltazar is UrbanLandfill’s type of people.

A fantastic stylist with an eye for detail and an emotional knowledge of the dynamic relationship between a woman and her clothes, Baltazar has had her eyes on clothing and fashion since she was a toddler. Ms. Baltazar is a visual artist, with degrees in Visual Art and Comparative Literature from Brown University, and a master’s degree in Visual Culture: Costume Design from New York University.

Baltazar’s work has been featured in VOGUE Korea, The Wild, BG Magazine, ZINK Magazine, and Volt UK.

Along with having a keen eye for detail, Baltazar has a compassionate heart, and focuses her time and energy on eco-friendly brands and fashion houses.

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Dripbook Favorites — Michael Crook

Michael Crook is a photographer with a unique quality – she instills in her photographs a sense of kinetic energy rarely found in other photographs.

Crook, who is an avid cyclist and has competed in several Olympic distance triathlons, has a history of photographing fashion and music. More recently, she’s turned her eye to photographing pro sports in a signature style. She is a contributor to Corbis Images and has documented in Africa for UNICEF.

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[All photos courtesy and property of Michael Crook]

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Dripbook Favorite – Robyn Stark // Photos

Robyn Stark is a remarkable fashion stylist.

Many stylists have an innate sense of what will look good on camera, but Stark is different. She goes beyond what most people think is fashion styling.

She is detailed oriented, with amazing attention to the lines of the clothing and how they relate to the model’s body. Stark is also a fantastic eye, which is proven over and over again in editorials she does for clients all over the world.

Now, as the fashion director for the online site fidoo.com, Stark is expanding her already vast experience in the fashion world in ways of writing, creating, brand consultancy, and editing.

It would not surprise this writer if Robyn Stark follows in the footsteps of editors such as Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt. It would be well deserved.

All photos courtesy ©Robyn Stark

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Abigail Pope




I’m really into Abigail Pope. She’s a young photographer from New York City who, it seems, spends a lot of time in Latin America.

What I love about her work is her ability to bring her viewers in with her ability to compose not only with the placement of objects, but with the use (or nonuse) of color. 

And for a woman who brings powerful photographs, she’s also a filmmaker:

Now that’s a woman with talent and insight.

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