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Art of Music Exhibition – Colette Paris


If you are an artist, and have ever done any cover art for a band/musician, this exhibition is the one you want to be in.

The Art of Music exhibition brings itself to the boutique Colette in Paris for an extended stay, showcasing some of the more brilliant works by the leading individuals in the industry. (Case In Point – SO ME, Steven Harrington, Stefan Marx, PAM, Josh Petherick, French, and Genevieve Gauckler)

Before the visit to Paris, the show (which concerns itself primarily with the parallels between music and art and the collaboration between them) made stops in Los Angeles (in Sept 2008) and Sweden (Dec 2008).



Above is a photo of the members of Delaware, a design/music group from Japan. (Members include – Masato Samata, Aya Honda, Morihiro Tajiri,  & Ages5&Up)

The super sonic group that designs everything from visual and web design to writing to music to mobile phone art was first organized by Masato Samata in 1993. 

Since their conception, they have had a revolving number of artists come and go, and have been doing exhibitions and live shows (the most recent being the Adidas/Diesel party in 2008). 

I am interested in the ability of its members to find common ground in design and move from music to visual art. Although most of the group’s work is hard to find (seeing as I don’t speak Japanese), I am keeping my eye on them.

Get Acquainted:


Kid Cudi and Asher Roth Freestyle In Studio

I love my talented wordsmiths.

I love them even more when I know they can handle the beats as well. So these two caught my ear recently while checking out Get Right Music, the hottest place on the web to download mixtapes.

Get Acquainted:

Kid Cudi and Asher Roth


And check out the mixtapes:

A Kid Named Cudi

The Greenhouse Effect


Here’s a little treat for those of you who haven’t seen them perform live…

Part One – Kid Cudi


Part Two – Asher Roth

Dragonette – I Get Around

God, Do I Love This Band.

Whew, with that said, I can go back to being my hip self.

I Love This Band.

Dragonette, an electronica band that is part Canadian/part British, will blow up US charts.

Although I’ve known about them for what seems like forever, perhaps you’ll want to discover them for yourself.

Stay ahead of the curve, ladies and gents. If you don’t know them —





Music Video for “I Get Around”  HERE