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James Bond Celebrates 50th Anniversary

James Bond is celebrating his 50th anniversary this year in style.

Along with a new film (Skyfall, which arrives stateside in November), the Bond franchise will also be releasing James Bond 007 cologne for men. Procter & Gamble and Eon Productions collaborated to make this exclusive product, with notes such as sandalwood, fresh apple, cardamom, lavender, moss and coumarin.

James Bond 007 will be sold solely at Harrods beginning 15 August, and becomes nationwide 19 September.

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James Bond Fragrance

Ian Velardi Fall 2001 Campaign [Video]

Ian Velardi. Much could be said about him, and his impeccable taste. But the clothes impress upon you the idea.

We’ve been treated to two seasons now of this magnificent designer, and here is the first look at his new collection.

Never before has such a new talent shown such tailoring, design, and knowledge of the craft in such a short time. Velardi has implemented the new social media platforms to showcase his designs.

If you are a man, and are not currently sporting Velardi, you must. And soon.

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Vivienne Westwood x Marie Claire [Save The Rainforest]

The legendary Vivienne Westwood wants you to pay attention to the rainforest.

The veteran designer has recently teamed up with Marie Claire Magazine and the fair-trade company People Tree to design the t-shirt dress. The June 2011 issue of all 24 editions of Marie Claire magazine coincided with the product being put on the market, as Dame Vivienne Westwood was guest-editing the magazine’s editorial.

Also a coincidence, the United Nations declared 2011 “Year of the Forest.”

The t-shirt dress retails for £28, of which £7 goes to the Society for Environment and Human Development, a non-profit organization.

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8 Hours in Brooklyn [Video]

8 Hours in Brooklyn is a fantastic short clip of amazing things that happened in an 8 hour span in the neighborhood of Brooklyn. 

Shot by Next Level Pictures, the 3 minute piece features skateboarders, break dancers, a basketball game, a tattoo artist, and kids playing in the street – New York style.

[Video property of Next Level Pictures]

[Photographs taken by Chris Dowsett]

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